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Перевести!!! Book collecting is a popular hobby. Many people collect books because they enjoy reading and like to collect things. Private book collections have formed the nucleus of some of the world’s most important libraries. Some people have also presented their collections to universities, where the books may be used for study and research. There are many types of book collections, unique or ancient book collections. Author collections concentrate on the works of a single author. Book collectors especially value editions with the autograph of the author. Subject collections include books on a particular subject, such as science fiction or books about sports or sportsmen. Some subject collections are vast with thousands of volumes, but most are much smaller. Title collections consist of as many as possible editions of a single title. The editions which are translated into different languages are also included. Unique or ancient book collections focus on books that are unusually beautiful, rare, very old, or of an unusual shape and size. These collections may contain books with unique illustrations, with rare printing styles. Collectors find books for their collections in rare-book shops, antiquarian bookshops, secondhand bookshops, and at jumble-sales.

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