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Read the extracts below and put the verbs in brackets into past simple, past continuous or past perfect simple Jean and Nick ….. (set off) early that morning. At midday they …. (travel) on a train heading for Amsterdam, when suddenly, the conductor …. (announce) that all the passengers had to get off. The train’s engine …. (break down) Joanne ….(lock) all the doors before she ….. (go) to bed. She …. (walk) up the stairs and …. (go) straight to her bedroom. She …. (just/fall) asleep when she …. ( hear) a strange noise. She …. (get up) and …. (walk) slowly down the stairs After Lucy and I … (find) a nice spot on the beach, we …. ( put on) our swimsuits and …. (dive) into the water. A few minutes later, we … (swim) near the shore, when suddenly, Lucy …. (start) screaming for help. I …. (try) to swim to her, but something …. (grad) her and she ….. (disappear) below the surface, right before my eyes

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