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3 KET Read the text and for each question, choose the correct word or phrase,
A, B or C.
Some people care too much about clothes. To them, clothes are the (1) things
in their lives. They often buy (2) shoes in the shop or the (3) — fashions of
the year. They usually like items that are (4) _than casual clothes and (5) —
just plain white. They are only (6) when they’ve got money to spend.
Of course, you don’t have to spend lots of money to have nice items. It’s (7) —
to shop carefully than to just buy (8)— thing you can find. If you buy clothes
that are (9) — than expensive clothes but look the same, you’ll be able to buy
more clothes. It’s also (10) to buy things you need than things you want. In
other words, if you’ve already got two coats, it’s probably not the (11) idea
to buy one more!
1 A important B more important C most important
2 A most expensive B more expensive C the most expensive
3 A newer
B newest
C more new
4 A smart
B smarter C smartest
5 A more colourful B colourful C more colourful than
6 A happy
B happier Chappiest
7 A good
B better
C best
8 A the coolest B the cooler C cool
9 A cheaper than B cheap
C cheaper
10 A useful B more useful C most useful
11 A great
B greater C greatest​

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