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Fill in the prepositions where necessary
(напишите предлоги там, где это нужно):
1 How much did the blanket cost … you? – Not much, I don’t quite remember
the price … it but it wasn’t expensive.
2 Which towel may I use to dry my hands …? – The one … the blue colour.
3 I need a sweater made … pure wool. You will pay a very high price … it.
4 Prices are going … every week … this shop. All the goods are sold … a
very high price.
5 It is my day … . I am going … bed earlier to have a good sleep.
6 Shall I put fresh sheets … your bed? – Do, please. You can get them … the
7 Do you never sleep … a blanket? – No, it is not necessary … me to use a
blanket or a pillow.
8 Marian’s bought a cotton towel to dry herself … … a shower. She’s always
preferred towels made … pure cotton.
Group the words according to their part of speech:
Department, cost, pillow, price, woollen, pure, towel, sheet, ready-made,
necessary, buy, get, silk, fish, pork, fresh, jeans, shop, dollar, blanket, put.
Choose the words from the table to complete the
towel, department, pillow, pure, necessary, woolen, wool, price
1 Which __________________ did you use? I dried my hands on that blue
one. Is it OK?
2 We do not produce _____________ in our country. All woollen clothes are
3 Is it really _______________ to buy this blanket today? – Yes, I need it very
4 Do you know the ___________ of this red T-shirt? – I don’t remember
exactly but it looks expensive.
5 This _________________ store is very popular as it is in the center of the
6 Where is my ________________? I cannot sleep without it. My head
doesn’t feel comfortable.
7 When it is so hot outside you need to take a lot of ___________ mineral
water every day.
8 My father gave me a very nice warm _____________ sweater I wear in

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