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There are ___ lot of problems at ____ beginning of ____ new century. The problems to be urgently solved are: ethnic conflicts, ____ growing world population and ____ ecological crisis.

The first two problems are not so vital because they are logical ones. Ecological crisis is our mutual problem. No country can be isolated and independent because we share ____same climate system.

____environment needs to be protected. Millions of people on our planet suffer air, water and land pollution: cars, factories and plants produce wastes that poison the atmosphere and cause ____ holes in ____ sky. Scientists first discovered ____hole in 1982. Now it’s getting bigger. Man-made chemicals (CFCs) destroy ____ ozone layer. The ozone layer stops the ultraviolet radiation from the sun which causes sunburn and skin cancer. CFCs come from fridges, air-conditioners, aerosol cans and from ____ manufacture of some plastic products. There’s another problem. We breathe out carbon dioxide. During ____ last century we have produced a lot of it. ____sun warms ____atmosphere and then some of the heat escapes back into space. But the carbon dioxide doesn’t allow it to get out. The atmosphere becomes warmer.

It is called ____greenhouse effect and it is dangerous for all ____living-beings. Some scientists think that it’ll make ____world hotter and change the climate all over ____ world.

Trees take carbon dioxide from ____ air and produce oxygen. Big rainforests are very helpful. But parks and gardens in our cities also help us. We should remember that trees can help ____ Earth and try not to destroy them. That’s why we should be kind to birds and animals, they protect large and small forests from complete destruction.

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1. a lot of problems

2. at the beginning

3. of a new century

4. the growing

5. the ecological

6. share the same

7. The environment

8. cause of holes

9. in the sky

10. discovered the hole

11. destroy the ozone layer

12. from a manufacture

13. During the last

14. A sun warms

15. the atmosphere

16. the greenhouse effect

17. for all the living-beings

18. make the world

19. all over the world

20. from the air

21. can help the Earth

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