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8 класс, английский пожаалуйста Итоговая контрольная работа

1. Make general questions using the Passive Voice.

Example: China / invent/ powder → Was gunpowder invented in China?

1 eat / cheese / mice / often

2 library / build / five years ago / Moscow

3 laws / violate / throughout / history

4 criminals / soon / arrest / the police
new technologies / develop / at the moment

2. Open the brackets using the verbs in the Passive Voice

Example: The public service (improve) over the years → The public service has been improved over the years.

1 Government programs (currently, implement) across the country.

2 The report (translate) into English a few years ago.

3 My school project (finish) next week.

4This delicious chicken (already, cook). It’s waiting for you in the kitchen.

5 The books (tear apart). It was obvious that the marauders had something to do with it.

3. Translate from Russian into English.

Мне нравится смотреть телевизор, но сегодня я бы хотел поехать на природу.

Ты бы хотел стать мэром своего города?

Майк, тебе хотелось бы пойти с нами в кафе?

Она хотела бы посмотреть этот фильм, но сегодня у нее много домашней работы.

Мне хотелось бы прочитать «Властелин Колец».

4. Put in the right reflexive pronoun.
Example: I’ll do it ________. → I’ll do it myself.

1 Martin, clean up your room by ________.

2 When my sister was 2 years old, she couldn’t do a thing by ________.

3 Yesterday I hurt ________ when I was riding a bike.

4 They don’t need to cheat in exams.

5 They can do everything________.

6 We arranged mom’s birthday party by ________.

5. Choose the correct word:
Example: This flower smells (strangely/strange/stranger) → This flower smells strange.

1 John looks both (tired/tiredly/tire) and (angrily/angry/anger).

2 These strawberries taste really (goodly/well/good).

3 I don’t like the music. It sounds (badly/worse/bad).

4 Mary thought that the cake was tasty because it smelt (nicely/nice/nicest), but it turned out to be disgusting.

5 I can’t feel (happy/happily/happier) when somebody is suffering

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