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Помогити срочно 1.Дополни предложения используя слова: Buttons, cotton ,extra-large, fit, fitting room, jacket, jeans, jewelry , large, material, medium, price, size, small, zipper.

1. How much does this sweater cost? What is the __________________?
2. Could I please try on this skirt? Where is the __________________?
3. These pants are too __________________. I need a larger size.
4. Most shirts have small, round ________________s.
5. I wear the largest size, __________________.
6. Most ________________ are blue, but mine are black.
7. My wife likes to wear earrings and bracelets and rings. She really likes __________________.
8. It’s colder today than it was yesterday. You should wear a __________________ when you go outside.
9. What size do you wear: small, __________________, or large?
10. Clothing is made from many different kinds of __________________ like cotton, leather, and wool.
11. The __________________ on my jacket is broken. Now I can’t close my jacket.
12. Do your clothes __________________ well, or are they too large or too small?
13. I like the color and style, but the __________________ is too small. I need something larger.
14. My T-shirt is made from __________________.
15. These shoes don’t fit. They’re too ________________. I need smaller shoes.

Ответы и объяснения
BigSexyMan / 2023-03-19 15:07:06


1)very big2)zipper3)small ones4)Buttons5)



cotton9)  tight-fitting10)clapper11)lightning12)

middle13) jeans14) cotton15)



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