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1. Natasha knowns English well and often works as an …
a) interpreter b) artist c) engineer
2. I … be a popstar.
a) want b) like c) would like to
3. You’re sixteen, …?
a) aren’t you b) are you c)not you
4. Cars … in factories.
a) is produced b) are produce c) are produced
5. I’ve … bought this CD-disc.
a)yet b) never c)already
6. They saw an elephant yesterday, … ?
a) don’t they b) aren’t they c) didn’t they
7. He isn’t at home. He … the party.
a) has gone to b) have been to c) have been at
8. I haven’t seen this film …
a) yet b) never c)already
9. I …. In London last week.
a) Will be b)was c)am
10. They … happy, aren’t they?
a) aren’t b) are c) —-
11. I never eat bananas.-…
a) So am I b) Neither do I c) Neither am I
12. She has lived here … 1998.
a) for b)since c) in
13. That was terrible, … ?
a) wasn’t it b) was that c) wasn’t that
14. My tooth is o.k., because I … the dentist.
a) have gone to b) have been to c) have been at
15. The sun gives us heat and …
a) energy b) light c) cold

16. He greeted us …
a) serious b) cheerfully c) happy
17. They spent a lot of time in … of a cheap hotel.
a) discovery b) search c) research
18. Tigers have …
a) hands b) legs c) paws
19. Jade likes … all sports games.
a) play b) playing c) to playing
20. He enjoys music, … ?
a) doesn’t he b)isn’t he c)don’t he
21. He … tennis for 3 years
a) played b)plays c)has played
22.He ever be able to forget his jungle … ?
a) adventure b) thing c) research
23. My sister Lizzy is a real … : she talks from morning till night
a) housekeeper b) miss c) chatterbox
24. It’s interesting, … ?
a) isn’t it b) hasn’t c)is it
25. -I’m happy!-…
a) So am I b) neither am I c) So I’m
26. We … to a basketball match last Sunday.
a) went b)goed c)have gone.
27. The film … J. Cameron.
a) was directed by b) directed by c) were directed
28. It’s … to leave without saying goodbye
a) late b) grate c) rude
29. The book … Oxford University Press.
a) publishes by b) is published with c) is published by
30. Jeff enjoys … English.
a) stydying b)study c) studies

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