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1 We a tennis competition in our club this week-end.

1 We a tennis competition in our club this week-end.
A are having
B shall have
C have

2 I you with your home duties today.
A am helping
B am going to help
C ll help

3 My dad kayaking at least he says so.
A is going to try
B will try
C is trying

4 The evening races at five as usual.
A start
B will start
C is going to start

5 I think she fine after all.
A will be
B is
C is going to be

6 If only Garry not ill that day, we could have won!
A were
B had been
C was

7 When you very close to the slope, be even more attentive!
A are
B were
C had been

8 When the summer , the sun will be more active.
A comes
B is coming
C came

9 If I were you, I so much at river bugging.
A wouldnt have risked
B wont risk
C wouldnt risk

10 Unless I protective clothing, I would have hurt myself.
A wear
B wore
C had worn

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