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2 Choose the correct words.
1Columbus discovered / invented America.
2 My grandmother changed her surname /
first name when she married.
3 We went to London two weeks before / ago.
4 Tom is a chef / mechanic and he works in a
s William I was King / Queen of England 1,000
years ago.
6 Being a firefighter is a boring / dangerous
7 Victoria was a popular first name in the 19th
century / ago
8 Jaguar is a famous brand name / nickname
for a car. 3.Complete the dialogue with the affirmative or
negative form of was and were.
Jen: Were you at the party on Saturday?
Paul: Yes, I
Jen: any of our friends there?
Paul: Yes, I’__with Wayne and Cristiano,
but Keira and Kylie _ at the party.
it good?
Paul: No, it
I was very hungry because
there any food. And there __
some very strange people. There
one girl called Jaguar and another
called Porsche.
Jen :Ooh! _they rich?
Paul :No, they «_. And there __two
brothers called Xerox. It was
incredible — they _ identical
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