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Задание 1. Прочитайте текст.
Solving environmental problems: ways and means
The approach to environmental issues should include long-term and planned activities aimed at all areas of society.
1.Legal. These include the creation of environmental protection laws. International agreements are also important.
2.Economic. Eliminating the consequences of man-made impacts on nature requires serious financial investments.
3.Technological. The use of new technologies in the mining, metallurgical and transport industries will minimize environmental pollution. The main goal is to create environmentally friendly energy sources.
4.Organizational. They consist in an even distribution of transport along the streams to prevent its long-term accumulation in one place.
5.Architectural. It is advisable to arrange green spaces large and small towns, to divide their territory into zones with plantings. Planting plantings around businesses and along roads is also important.
Special importance should be attached to the protection of flora and fauna. Their representatives simply do not have time to adapt to changes in the environment.
Existing measures to protect the environment
Awareness of the dramatic situation in the environment forced humanity to take urgent and effective measures to correct it.
The most popular areas of activity are:
1.Reducing household and industrial waste. This is especially true for plastic dishes. It is replaced with paper gradually. Research is underway to remove bacteria that feed on plastic.
2.Wastewater treatment. Billions of cubic meters of water are consumed annually to support various branches of human activity. Modern treatment facilities allow you to clean it to its natural state.
3.Transition to clean energy sources. This means phasing out nuclear power, engines, and furnaces powered by coal and petroleum products. The use of natural gas, wind, solar, and hydroelectric power plants ensures that the atmosphere is clean. The use of biofuels can significantly reduce the concentration of harmful substances in exhaust gases.
4.Protection and restoration of lands and forests. New forests are planted in areas where they have been cut down. Measures are taken to drain land and protect it from erosion.
Constant campaigning in favor of ecology changes people’s views on this problem, inclining them to a careful attitude to the environment.
Prospects for solving environmental problems in the future
In the future, the main efforts will be aimed at eliminating the consequences of man-made activities and reducing harmful emissions.
There are such prospects for this:
1.Construction of special plants for full utilization of all types of waste. This will not allow you to occupy new territories for landfills. you can use the energy obtained from burning for the needs of cities.
2.Construction of thermal power plants powered by «solar wind» (Helium 3). This substance locates on the moon.
3.Transfer of all transport to power plants that run on gas, electricity, batteries and hydrogen. This solution will help reduce emissions into the atmosphere,
4.Cold fusion. This option of getting energy from water is already under development.
Humanity has every chance to return our planet to its original form.

Задание 2. Выпишите предложения с пассивным залогом. Подчеркните конструкцию пассивного залога в каждом выписанном вами предложении.

Как образуется Passive Voice? Для образования форм пассивного залога неопределенных / простых времен (Indefinite / Simple tenses) нам понадобится глагол to be (am, is, are) + participle II, иными словами – третья форма глагола. Общая формула образования страдательного залога: Present Simple Passive: Vegetables are grown in greenhouses – Овощи выращивают в теплицах
Butter is made from milk – Масло делают из молока

Образец выполнения задания.
New forests are planted in areas where they have been cut down. Новые леса высаживаются в тех местах, где они были вырублены.
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