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IV Open the brackets. Put Gerund, Infinitive or Participle
1. After (get) (know) him better, I regretted (judge) him unfairly.
2. «A job worth (do) is worth (do) well.»
3. I should prefer (go) to the cinema rather than (sit) here (listen) to the radio.
4. Don’t stand there (do) nothing.
5. He tried (speak) German but found that he couldn’t. His attempts at (speak) Spanish were equally unsuccessful.
6. I tried (cook) eggs and bacon together, and found that this was a much quicker way of (prepare) a meal.
7. Surely you recollect (he, say) that he would agree to (I, borrow) his car.
8. You know I hate (disappoint) you, but much as I would like (go) out this evening, I have to finish (decorate) this room.
9. Megan used (think) that a library was a place where books were (buy) and (sell); now she knows that a library is a place for (lend) and (borrow) books.

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