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Open the brackets and put the verb into the correct form. Write the sentences.

1. We (to start) as soon as Tom (to be ready).

2. If you (to come) past 6 o’clock, you (not to find) him in.

3. You (to give) Ann a letter when you (to see) her?

4. If the test (not to be) difficult, they (to get) good marks.

5. She (to become) a good sportswoman if she (to work) hard?

6. When he (to buy) milk, his mother (to cook) porridge for him.

7. I (not to know) when the competition (to finish). II. Choose the right form of the pronoun. Write only the necessary pronoun.

1. Which shoes do you like best? — The black (one, ones).

2. You can very well do without (her, hers) help, but not without (my, mine).

3. If the book is neither (your, yours) nor (their, theirs), it should be (our, ours).

4. The boy did not hurt as he fell down.

5. The guests told us about and their native town.

6. He was not sure if he had seen (I, me, my). III. Open the brackets. Use neither or so.

1. He usually goes out in the evening. (his friends)

2. I’ve never been to England. (my sister)

3. I’m happy. (my parents)

4. We never spent holidays in Egypt. (she)

5. My mum doesn’t like rainy weather. (my dad)

6. They won’t wrap the meat at the butcher’s. (I)

IV. Make the following sentences passive. Write the sentences in Passive Voice.

1. Pupils speak italian in this school

2. The workers built this bridge fifty years ago.

3. The boy wrapped something in paper.

4. They spread the news too quickly. S. Did your brother translate the text yesterday?

6. People grow lemons in this part of the country. V. Correct the mistakes. Write the sentences without the mistakes.

1. I won’t buy towels in this store. — So will she.

2. Pour away this sour milk and use this fresh one to cook pancakes.

3. A twenty-five cent coin is called a dime.

4. Would you like these black jeans or those blue once?

5. He was sure he would buy a can ofiemonade and a bag of flower at the dairy.

6. The children always wash up yourself.

7. The farnily received two news.

8. If it won’t rain, we’ll play lawn tennis.

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