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Daniel Defoe was born in London in 1660_ He was a novelist, journalist and poet.
His original name was Daniel Foe, but in his middle 305, Daniel started calling himself
«Defoe» because it sounded more gentlemanly. He received a good education and he
became a businessman. He liked his profession, although he was often unsuccessful.
In 1684 Defoe married Mary Tuffley Then marriage lasted for 47 years, until Defoe’s death.
They had eight children. Defoe’s first writings were about politics. In many of his works,
he supported King William III. From 1704 to 1713, he wrote and published a journal called the Review.
In this journal, Defoe supported the government. The articles were not only about Politics, but also about
religion, business. morals, and so on In 1713, he was put in prison for his writings_ However,
he continued to produce the journal even in prison. In 1719. Defoe wrote his most famous book,
Robinson Crusoe It is the story of an Englishman who leaves his home to go to sea He survives a
shipwreck and lives on an island for 28 years, alone for most of the time He discovers that the island
is sometimes visited by cannibals They kill and eat prisoners there. One of the prisoners escapes and
Robinson helps him He names hO new friend Friday. teaches him English and makes him a Christian.
At the end, the two men leave the island and get to England When he published Robinson Crusoe,
Defoe was 59 years old_ He wrote some other books after that, for example Moll Flanders or Captain
Singleton. The main characters in these books are often criminals. In 1724, Defoe published his last
important work of fiction. Roxana. Daniel Defoe died on April 24, 1731. Because of Robinson Crusoe.
he has been called -the father of the English novel»

( Read the text and answer the following questions. )

1 Why did Daniel Foe start calling himself Daniel Defoe?
2 How many children did Daniel Defoe have?
3 What were Defoe’s first writings about?
4 What happened to Defoe in 1713?
5 How long did Robinson Crusoe live on an island?
6 Who sometimes visited Robinson’s island?

( Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?)

1 Daniel Defoe didn’t get any education.
2 Daniel Defoe was always good at his job.
3 Defoe’s journal was full of articles against the government.
4 Defoe stopped writing his journal when he was put in prison.
5 Friday learned English from Robinson Crusoe.
6 Robinson Crusoe left Friday on the island and returned to England.

Ответы и объяснения
FuKSiay / 2022-06-12 07:07:09


Объяснение:1. Because it sounded more gentlemanly

2. He had eight children

3. About politics

4. In 1713 he was put in prison for his writings

5. For 28 years

6. Sometimes, he was visited by cannibals.

T / F

1. F






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