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Вопрос №1
Mike _______________________ a date. He ________________________ flowers to Jane, his girlfriend.
has/is giving
is having/gives
is having/is giving
Вопрос №2
Tomorrow we _______________________________ work at 9.00 will start start are starting will be starting
Вопрос №3
He _______________________ an exam on Friday. I think he ___________________ it successfully. is taking/will pass will take/will pass is taking/is passing will take/is passing
Вопрос №4
He _____________________ to publish a critical political article in this newspaper. is planning plans will be planning has been planning
Вопрос №5
____________________________ your computer today in the afternoon? Will you operate Are you operate Will you be operating Do you operating
Вопрос №6
My father ________________ an analytic programme on TV, while I ____________________ for the examination. watched/was preparing was watching/was preparing watched/prepared was watching/prepared
Вопрос №7
Yesterday the students _________________________ an educational film about law from 9.00 till 9.30. watched have been watching would have been watching were watching
Вопрос №8
«Do you have a lot of pigeons?» «Yes, I ________________________ them for three years already». am breeding was breeding have been breeding have bred
Вопрос №9
Kate was very upset: she _________________________________ a test for two hours but she got a low grade. had been writing was writing has been writing wrote Вопрос №10
Thank you for the invitation, but I ______________________________ to check up student’s course papers. will be going am going was going going
Вопрос №11
M.I.Kutuzov __________________________ deep into the heart of Russia for a few months. retreated was retreating has been retreating had been retreating Вопрос №12
I ____________________________ an interesting book at the moment. read was reading have read am reading
Вопрос №13
I ________________________ chess for two hours. play have played have been playing am playing
Вопрос №14
While I ______________________ in the garden, I ______________________ my back. worked/hurt was working/hurt worked/was hurting was working/was hurting
Вопрос №15
When Kate arrived, we ________________________ dinner. were having had have been having have had
Вопрос №16
Where have you been? I ____________________________ for you for the last half an hour. am looking was looking had been looking have been looking
Вопрос №17
I ________________________ hard, so now I am going to have a rest. worked have been working was working had been working
Вопрос №18
My hands are very dirty. I ___________________________ the car. repaired was repairing have been repairing repair
Вопрос №19
The water ______________. Can you turn it off? is boiling boils has been boiling had been boiling
Вопрос №20
Bill ___________________________ this picture since two o’clock. is painting paints was painting has been painting
Вопрос №21
Ann ____________________ in an armchair watching TV. She was tired because she ___________________________. was sitting/had been working sat/worked was sitting/was working had been sitting/had been working
Вопрос №22
What time _____________________ tomorrow? do you leave would you be leaving are you leaving will you leave
Вопрос №23
Don’t phone me between 7 and 8. We ________________________ dinner then. will have will be having have will have
Вопрос №24
He _______________________ in Washington for three years. works is working had been working has been working
Вопрос №25
George __________________________ at the university for 45 years before he retired. has been working was working had been working worked​

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