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Task 1 Read the text

One day Fortune was watching a poor man walking down the street. He had a worn out bag and a squashed hat in his hands. The man was thinking about all people around him earning a lot of money but never being happy with what they had. He looked at the dog following him and said out aloud: “If I only had enough money I’d never ask for anything else.”
Just at this moment Fortune came down the street. She heard the man talking and stopped. A surprised man looked at Fortune standing in front of him and couldn’t believe his eyes.
“I want to help you,” said Fortune, “hold your bag and watch me pouring diamonds into it. Stop me when you think there is enough. But every diamond falling on the ground will become dust. Do you understand?”
And having said that Fortune started pouring diamonds into the man’s bag. The bag filled with diamonds was growing heavy. “Is that enough?” asked Fortune looking at the man’s trembling hands. “No, give me more,” answered the man.
“You are the richest man in the world now,” said Fortune, having added some more. “Just a few more,” replied the man. Another added diamond made the bag split. All the diamonds fell on the ground and became dust.
Fortune disappeared leaving a disappointed man in the street.

Choose True or False
1) One day Fortune was looking a poor man walking down the street.
2) The man was thinking about all people in the world earning less money than he had.
3) He looked at the dog following him and said out aloud about his desire to have enough money in order not to ask anyone for anything else
4) Misfortune heard his words and stopped
5) A man could believe his eyes and wasn’t very surprise to see Fortune
2. Answer the questions
1) What was the man’s desire?
2) What did Fortune propose to the man?
3) Did Fortune make the man the richest one in the world? Why not?

Ответы и объяснения
Chmak / 2022-05-04 06:07:09


1) T

2) F

3) T

4) F

5) F


myrne / 2022-05-04 06:07:09

1) True

2) False

3) True

4) False

5) False

1) The man wanted to be rich.

2) Fortune told the man to hold his bag and watch her pouring diamonds into it.

3) Fortune didn't make the man the richest one is the world because the man was too greedy.

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