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Match up these terms with the definitions below:
1. cash card
2. cash dispenser (GB) or ATM (automated teller machine) (US)
3. credit card
4. home banking
5. loan
6. mortgage
7. overdraft
8. standing order or direct debit
9. current account (GB) or checking account (US)
10. deposit account (GB) or time or notice account (US)
a) an arrangement by which a customer can withdraw more from a bank account than has been deposited in it, up to an agreed limit; interest on the debt is calculated daily.
b)a card which guarantees payment for goods and services purchased by the cardholder, who pays back the bank or finance company at a later date.
c) a computerized machine that allows bank customers to withdraw money, check their balance, and so on.
d) a fixed sum of money on which interest is paid, lent for a fixed period, and usually for a specific purpose.
e) an instruction to a bank to pay fixed sums of money to certain people or organizations at stated times.
f)a loan, usually to buy property, which serves as a security for the loan.
g)a plastic card issued to bank customers for use in cash dispensers.
h) doing banking transactions by telephone or from one’s own personal computer.
i) one that generally pays little or no interest, but allows the holder to withdraw
his or her cash without any restrictions.
j)one that pays interest, but usually cannot be used for paying cheques (GB) or checks (US).

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