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1​Read the text and tick (ü) A, B, or C.
Alicia Stevens
Alicia is Irish. She’s 31 years old. Alicia speaks English and German and she’s a doctor in a hospital in Dublin. She works at night during the week and at the weekend. She drinks a lot of coffee. How many hours does she work? 60 hours a week. Alicia’s job is difficult but she loves it because she helps people. Alicia isn’t married. She lives with her sister, Esther, and they go to the gym together on Tuesdays.

Jean-Pierre Chalvet

Jean-Pierre is 26 years old and he’s from France. He speaks four languages and his American accent is very good. What does Jean-Pierre do? He’s an actor and he lives in Los Angeles but he also travels a lot for his work. He doesn’t do a lot of exercise because he loves his car and in his free time he drives around the city. What car does he have? It’s small, black and very fast!

Mariana Romero and Rosa Diaz

Mariana and Rosa are 22 years old. They’re friends and they live in a small flat with Rosa’s brother, Jorge. On Sundays they eat together and listen to jazz music. They don’t go to the cinema because it’s expensive.

The two women are hairdressers in a salon in Acapulco, Mexico. They wear a pink uniform and work from Monday to Saturday. Mariana likes her job but Rosa doesn’t want to be a hairdresser. What does she want to do? She loves animals so in the evenings Rosa studies to be a vet at college.

Example: Alicia is from Ireland.
​ A True B False C Doesn’t say

1​Alicia loves her job.
​A True B False C Doesn’t say
2​Esther is married.
​A True B False C Doesn’t say
3​Jean-Pierre speaks Russian.
​A True B False C Doesn’t say
4​Jean-Pierre travels a lot.
​A True B False C Doesn’t say ​
5​He has a big car.
​A True B False C Doesn’t say
6​Mariana and Rosa go to the cinema.
​A True B False C Doesn’t say
7​Mariana and Rosa work on Sundays.
​A True B False C Doesn’t say
8​Mariana likes her job.
​A True B False C Doesn’t say

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