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2. Complete the text with the right form of the verbs in brackets.
Five Indonesian fishermen found themselves in deep trouble when a storm blew up suddenly
off the coast of Australia and wrecked their boat. They were almost out of food when they were
spotted by a rescue plane. In a way, they were unlucky: if they
( not go)
out fishing, their boat
( not be ) destroyed. But in another way, they were
extremely fortunate: if the plane
( not see ) them, they
(probably / die ).
An English couple had a narrow escape when a large tree fell on their home. They were
parking their car at the time of the accident. If the couple
( arrive)
home a few minutes earlier, they
( be ) in the house when the tree came
crashing down and they
might/be ) killed
An Australian diver who found himself in the mouth of a great white shark survived to tell
the tale. The diver managed to stab the shark in the mouth with his knife and the great fish
released him. If the diver
( not have ) a knife with him, the shark
( not open ) its mouth and the diver
(might not /survive )
A woman in Australia was bitten on the foot by a dangerous snake which miraculously left
no poison in the bite. If the snake
(inject ) poison into her foot, the woman
( could / die ).​

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