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1. Read the text and complete the gaps by putting the highlighted words in the appropriate form.

What do Elizabeth 1, Napoleon, Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill all have in common? Well, apart from the fact that they were four of the most renowned (1) __________________ LEAD in the world history, they were also all ‘redheads’! Red hair is the rarest (2) __________________________ NATURE hair colour in humans and today only around 1% of the world’s (3) __________________________ POPULATE is redheaded. Throughout history, (4) ___________________________ ART have always been fascinated by people with red hair. For example, Botticelli depicted the goddess Venus with red hair in his (5) ____________________
FAME painting The Birth of Venus. In modern times, red hair has even become a fashion trend, with many people choosing to dye their hair red. On the other hand, (6) __________________
PARTICULAR in Britain, redheaded people continue to be victims of (7)___________________
DISCRIMINATE. Redheaded schoolchildren are often called (8) __________________________ OFFENCE names and even some redheaded adults claim to have suffered bullying in the workplace. Most people think that joking about redheads is (9) _________________________
HARM fun, but redheaded Britons can sometimes get upset when they are teased about their hair.

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