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Помогите пожалуйста. Дам 70 баллов.Соч по английскому языку 7 класс 4 четверть. Reading
1 Read this blog by Karen Milano about fashion.
Everyone wants to look good, and I think some of my friends would wear something new every day if they had enough money. People say that how you look is important, but I think we would be happier if we worried about fashion less.
First of all, buying clothes can be expensive. We would have more money to spare if we bought fewer clothes. Wecould spend the money on fun activities with our friends instead, or save it for something important, such as university.
Secondly, if we thought about how we behave more than how we look, everyone would be much nicer. There are lots of magazines telling us what we should wear. I think there should be more about how to be kind and how to help other people instead.
And finally, what about finding your own style? Everyone is different and it can be fun trying something new – you don’t have to be fashionable to look good! So, come on, don’t worry about fashion – just be kind and enjoy yourself!

Are the sentences True (T) or False (F)?
1.Karen thinks we worry too much about how welook. True
2.Karen says that clothes should cost less. False
3.Karen thinks if people bought fewer clothes, they could have more fun with their friends. ______
4.Karen doesn’t think people should read magazines. _____
5.Karen doesn’t think fashionable people look good. _____

Total 5
2 Complete the second conditionals sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
0 I wouldn’t be (not be) late every morning if I got up earlier.
1 If my parents…. (have) more money, they’d buy a new car.
2 You…. (not be) so tired if you took more exercise.
3 If I knew your address, I….. (visit) you.
4 I’d do better in class if I…. (study) harder.
5 We….. (not play) so much football if we didn’t enjoy it.

Total 5
3 Underline the correct answer.

0 I always feel so relaxed / relaxing at my best friend’s house.

1 I was worried / worrying when you didn’t call yesterday.
2 I had a really bored / boring weekend as nobody wanted to do anything.
3 I think finding out about history is really interested / interesting – don’t you?
4 Playing with our neighbour’s small children is really tired / tiring!
5 I got tomato sauce on my new T-shirt. I felt so embarrassed / embarrassing.
Total 5

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