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Open the brackets, using the correct form of the verb in brackets.
Jesse felt ready to cry. He (sit) long in the office waiting for Tom Brackett,
his brother-in-law. For two weeks he (walk) from Kansas City, Missouri, to Tulsa,
Oklahoma, thinking of the moment when Tom Brackett who (work) here as a
dispatcher since he (lose) his shop (say): Why, of course, Jesse, you can start
whenever you (be) ready.
And then Tom (enter) the office. He (соте) in quickly with some papers in
his hands; he (look) at Jesse, but he (not know) him. Was it his clothes? Or was it
that Jesse (change) so much? True, they (not see) each other for five years.
Yes? Brackett (say) suddenly. What you (want)?
I (be) Jesse Fulton. Yes, I (be); and Ella (send) you her love.
Brackett (rise) and (walk) over to the counter until they (be) face to face. Tom
Brackett (look) at his brother-in-law for a long time before he (say) at last:
Yes, I (believe) you are, but you sure (change).
He never (see) anyone who (look) more unhappy. His sister (write) to him
every week but she (not tell) him things were as bad as that.
After Jesse (answer) a few questions about Ella and the children he (think) it

(be) time to start.
Tom, Jesse said. ;I (come) here to ask you for help.
I can’t (give) much. I only (get) thirty-five a week.
I know,Jesse (reply) excitedly. He (expect) this.But I (meet) a man who
(work) for you. He (be) in our city. He (drive) trucks for you. He said you always
(need) men and you (can) give me a job. As soon as I (hear) it I (start) out. For two
weeks I (walk) on to get here and see you.
You (mean) you (walk) from Kansas City for two weeks to get a job here?
The man (tell) me drivers (pay) a dollar a mile. And I (need) the dollar badly.
I just can’t live like that any longer. It’s long since I (give) Ella and the kids enough
food to eat or any clothes to wear.

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