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O Fill in: trap, adjust, do, give, surface, melt, drown, harden, surround, starve, erupt,
threaten, drop, vanish.
1 It is cold on the Arctic ice and at night the temperatures
2 Scientists expect the volcano to
at some point during the next
3 In spring, the warmth of the sun causes the snow on the mountain to
and the extra water in the river sometimes leads to flooding.
4 Our new windows have double glazing to
heat inside the house and
keep it warm in winter.
5 Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
the Earth like a blanket.
6 If the Arctic sea ice disappears, polar bears won’t be able to find enough food and they
7 Never let young children play in the sea alone — they could …
if they
don’t know how to swim properly.
8 For our homework, we have to
a survey about how our friends and
relatives get to work or school.
9 If you put water in the freezer, it will
… and become solid ice.
10 Martin can hold his breath for ages. Yesterday, he dived into the water and we saw him
….. a few minutes later on the other side of the bay.
11 Many species cannot ……….
to rapid changes in the Earth’s climate and
they may die out in the future.
12 I’m having trouble printing these leaflets. You know a lot about computers — will you
me a hand?
13 Cutting down more trees in the Amazon Rainforest will
the lives of
hundreds of animals and birds.
14 The Arctic summer sea ice is disappearing fast and it could
completely by 2100.​

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