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Task. Listen to the talk twice. CD3. Tapescript 3. Transcript for listening task

When the workers and the removal van leave, Maria talks to Andreas.

Maria: How could they forget the crockery? Now we don’t have anything to eat


Andreas: Calm down, honey. Why don’t we ask our neighbours to lend us some

plates, knives, forks, spoons and cups?

Maria: Good thinking! It will give us an opportunity to introduce ourselves!

Andreas: You know what; let’s have a house-warming party this Saturday! We can

invite all our neighbours.

Maria: That’s a great idea!

They walk to the neighbour’s house and ring the bell. A woman opens the door.

Maria: Hi! We’re the Fernandez family. We’re from next-door! My name is Maria.

Betty: Oh hi! Nice to meet you! I’m Betty.

Andreas: Nice to meet you too, Betty. I’m Andreas.

Maria: Betty, do you have some spare crockery?

Betty: Sure, I do. Do you need some?

Maria: Yes, please! The removal company forgot ours!

Betty: Sure, no problem! Just a second.

She goes inside and comes back with a box full of crockery.

Maria: That’s so nice, thank you! Betty, would you like to come to our housewarming party this Saturday?

Betty: Sure, what time?

Maria: Around three in the afternoon.

Betty: Can I bring something? A salad may be?

Maria: Yes, please! That’s so nice, thank you!

Mark sentences as True or False.

1. Andreas and Maria go to their neighbor’s house because they want to invite her

to the party.

True False


2. Andreas and Maria tell their neighbour that they are the Sanchez family.


True False

3. Betty shares some spare crockery with Andreas and Maria .


True False

Fill in the gaps.Write no more than ONE WORD OR A NUMBER for each

4. The party is at the Fernandez’s new __________________.


5. The party is on Saturday and it starts at________________ o’clock.


Total [5]

Reading Task. Read the dialogue about transportation.

Means of transportation dialogue

Bob: Hello, I’m sorry, but I am late. Can you help me?

Mark: Sure, no problem! How may I help you?

Bob: When is the next train to Ansonia?

Mark: I am not sure, but I think the next one leaves tomorrow at 8 pm.

Bob: What?! I can’t wait that long! What time is the next bus?

Mark: It should go by in about two hours. It leaves the bus station at about 5.30


Bob: Well, I don’t know. Isn’t there any other option?

Mark: You could take a taxi…

Bob: What’s faster, the bus or the taxi?

Mark: The taxi, of course! All you have to do is to call and ask for a taxi and it

will come right away.

Bob: You are right, but which is the cheapest one?

Mark: The cheapest means of transportation is the subway.

Bob: When have you ever seen a subway here in Connecticut?

Mark: You’re right. But anyway why don’t you just go walking? It’s only like 25

minutes away from here.

Bob: You’re absolutely right. Thanks for your help.

Choose the right option.

1. Bob wants to go to … [1]

A) Connecticut B) Ansonia C) Bus station D) Home

2. The train leaves …


A) At 5.30 pm B) At 8 pm C) In 25 minutes D) Right away

3. The fastest means of transportation is …


A) Train B) Taxi C) Bus D) Subway

Answer the questions. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A

NUMBER for each answer.

4. In Mark’s opinion which means of transportation is the cheapest?


5. How long will it take Bob to walk? [1]


Total [5]


Task. Choose ONE of the topics below.

• Express your opinion on topic.

• Connect your ideas into a paragraph.

• Use present simple forms.

• Use correct form of modal verbs.

• Use appropriate punctuation.

Topic 1. Our neighbourhood

Write about the places you like in your neighbourhood. Write what you can do

there and explain why you like these places. Why your friends should visit

these places one day.

Topic 2. Transport

Write what people can change to make transport system better in place where you

live. Explain why. Write why people need these changes.

Total [6]


Task. Choose one of the cards and make up an individual talk. Use subject related

vocabulary while talking on a given topic. You have 1 minute to prepare and 1-2

minutes to talk

Card 1. Talk about the topic ‘Our neighbourhood’. The following questions

will help you to organize your talk:

1) Do you like living in your neighbourhood?

2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of your neighbourhood?

3) What would you change about your neighbourhood?

4) What types of services are popular near to you? 5) How far are you from the

city center?

Card 2. Talk about the topic ‘Our neighbourhood’. The following questions

will help you to organize your talk:

1) Do you like the neighbourhood?

2) Where is the best place to eat in your city/village/country?
3) What is the best attraction in your city/village?

4) What are popular natural places in your neighbourhood?

5) Where is the best place to shop in your city/village?

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