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Read the profiles of three teenagers and answer the full questions.

Прочтите текст и ответьте на вопросы

Angela Zhang recently finished high school in California, but she has already won a $100,000

award to study university for her research on a nanoparticle system for treating cancer. Angela

said she started developing the project in her first year at high school, reading bio-engineering

articles and attending scientific talks. Later on, she did research in a laboratory at Stanford,

where she successfully tested the system on mice. It might be years before we know if the

system will work on humans, but she may be on the way to finding a cure for cancer. When she s

not doing that, Angela is like any typical teenager. She loves buying shoes, and in her free time

goes canoeing and walking.

Santiago Gonzalez is a 14-year- old computer scientist from Colorado, USA. He already attends

university, and will graduate at 16, and complete his master s degree at 17. He is fluent in a

dozen programming languages, and says that when he has a difficult programming problem, he

will often dream the solution. Santiago happily calls himself a geek, and says that for him

learning is as essential as eating. When he is not studying, he writes mobile apps. He s already

developed about 15, including puzzles and games. His ambition is to work at Apple.

Charley Hull started playing golf when she was only 2, and was soon beating golfers much

older than her. She had her first big success aged 9, when she won the English Amateur Ladies

Championship. She started home schooling at 13 so she could travel to tournaments. In 2013,

aged 17, Charley turned professional, and was voted the best new player, or rookie, of the

European Tour. On the golf course, she is incredibly determined. Friends say, quot She s going to be

world number 1! and experts agree it may not take her very long. Off the golf course, she loves

music, parties and being with her friends.


1. Who is studying at university?

2. Who has been given financial help to study?

3. Who likes doing typical teenage things?

4. Who finds the answers to difficult problems while sleeping?

5. Who won an adult competition at a very young age?

6. Who has a very clear career aim?

7. Who worked on a complicated project for several years?

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