Английский язык / 13 октября 2020 в 11:14

Помогите решить 1. He ______ his father yesterday morning. A) phones B) is phoning C) phone D) phoned 2. I won’t ______ to class tomorrow. A) come B) came C) comes D) coming 3. She is going ______ shopping tomorrow. A) go B) will go C) to go D) goes 4. I ______ home when it started to rain. A) was walking B) have walked C) walk D) will walk 5. He has ______ English for three years. A) learns B) learn C) been learning D) learning 6. They ______ working here for six months. A) been B) have been C) would D) will 7. How long ______ her ? A) do you know B) you know C) you knew D) have you known 8. Who ______ first this morning ? A) get up B) gets up C) got up D) getting up 9. ______ Peggy happy ? A) Is B) Do C) Does D) Can 10. John was singing while he ______ a bath. A) is taking B) was taking C) takes D) take 11. When Peter talks, everybody ______. A) are listening B) listened C) listen D) listens 12. Policemen often ______ traffic. A) directing B) is directing C) directs D) direct 13. Buses ______ every ten minutes. A) runs B) is going C) run D) has gone 14. Good children always ______ their parents. A) obey B) obeys C) obeying D) has obeyed 15. He usually ______ coffee but today he ______ tea. A) drank / is drinking B) drunk / drinks C) drinks / is drinking D) drinks / was drinking 16. I always buy lottery tickets but I never ______ anything. A) don’t win B) had won C) won D) win 17. The police ______ the thief yet. A) haven’t caught B) didn’t catch C) hasn’t caught D) don’t catch 18. I ______ him for five years. I don’t know where he is. A) didn’t see B) haven’t seen C) don’t see D) not to see 19. He ______ his leg in a skiing accident last winter. A) has broken B) broke C) breaks D) was broken 20. Have you seen my ball-point pen anywhere? I _____ for it for ten minutes. A) looked B) was looking C) am looking D) have been looking

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Rigor / 2020-10-13 11:14:05


1. D.

2. A.

3. C.

4. B.

5. C.

6. C.

7. A.

8. C.

9. A.

10. B.

11. C.

12. D.

13. C.

14. A.

15. C.

16. D.

17. A.

18. A.

19. B.

20. C.


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