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Награда 30 баллов. What do people have/do not have to do in their jobs? What must/must not they do? 1. Car designers _____ desigh modern cars but they ______ test them. I think, car designers _____ be clever and they ______ like driving cars. 2. A nanny ______ work with children. She ________ get on well with them. Besides, she _____ be trustworthy and kind. 3. A lawyer _______ know all the laws. But he/she ______ keep the law and order in his/her job. Lawyers ______ be trustworthy professionals. 4. A librarian ____ meet a lot of people during the day. A good librarian ______ read all the books in the library she/he works in. 5. A businessman ______ make his business plan and organise other people to realize this plan. A business person ____ be trustworthy. 6. A houswife _____ do a lot about the house. She ______ look after her family. She does not need to go to wotk but what she does is a hard job. 7. A secretary _____ help her boss to plan his time and to answer the telephone. Sometimes she ______ prepare tea or coffee. But she _____ tidy up the office where she works. A good secretary _____ use a computer very well. 8. A musician _____ play a musical instrument very well. Musicians ______ be both talented and hard-working. 9. A cook ____ prepare meals. A good cook ______ know a lot recipes. He _____ be very careful and he _____ know what food to choose.

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