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Dear Betty. thank you for your letter. It was interesting to know about your school and your uniform. I would like to tell you some things about my school. You know in England schools have names not numbers . Well, I go to Cedar Grove School. It^s not very big. Pupils from 5 to 11 years old go to our school. We have ten classrooms and there is a big beatiful hall in it. We have many trees and flowers near our school and so, when it is warm and the weather is line we are often outdoors. My classroom is comfortable and always clean. There are twenty desks in it. The teacher^s table is near the window. There are three windows in our classroom which are white as is the door. The blackboard and the floor are brown. There are nice pictures on the walls and you can see a big, yellow bookcase near the blackboard. There are many books in class and sometimes our teacher reads them to us. Yesterday she read a very beatiful fairy-tail about Snow-White. I liked it a lot. What can you write and tell me about your classroom? Do you read English books in your Readng class? What books did you read last week? Write soon. Lots of love, Alice.

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